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Overview & Definitions

Through its Independent AMSOIL Dealers, AMSOIL offers account relationships to approved business users of its products.

One relationship is called a Commercial Account. This allows your business to order AMSOIL products directly from the company and enjoy THE most favorable pricing AMSOIL offers to anyone.

A Commercial Account user cannot resell the products, but he/she must use the AMSOIL products purchased internally in the business.

The second type of business account is called a "Retail On The Shelf" Account. These account users order products directly from AMSOIL, and they can resell them to the public in retail locations.

Home-based businesses cannot qualify for Retail on the Shelf Accounts. It must be a store front business for public buyers.

An AMSOIL Business Account will make or save you money in your business. Contact us. Learn more about these business benefits.


Benefits of AMSOIL Business Accounts

1. AMSOIL Business Accounts are established through Independent AMSOIL Dealers. A Dealer can set such an account up for your business.

2. There is no fee to apply, and there are no annual fees.

3. You enjoy very favorable pricing.

4. Once established, you do not need to order your products through an AMSOIL Dealer and wait patiently for him/her to visit you and deliver what you've ordered.

You order directly from AMSOIL and the products are sent to you directly.

AMSOIL, INC. has an Internet-empowered, state-of-the-art Commercial Account Zone as well as a Retail Account Zone where you may order products online yourselves. The Company is a 21st Century leader in Internet technology.

5. There are no minimum purchases. Order when you like and when you need products. We have package sizes from one quart to 55 gallon drums.

6. If you're a retailer, AMSOIL Dealer promotion and advertising can drive additional customers into your location.

Let Mike and Jennice explain their unique approach here, including support via their website, phone calls and your inclusion into our AMSOIL team.

7. To summarize, you can make additional profits and/or save money in your business operations by using or selling AMSOIL products.


To learn about the benefits of AMSOIL Business Products:

Synthetic Commercial Products Brochure

Interested in a Commercial Account, Click Here

Interested in a Retail Account, Click Here

To View the Scope of Possible AMSOIL Usage, Click Here


How To Get An AMSOIL Business Account

Please follow these simple steps:

1. Contact Mike & Jennice Daley by phone 256.479.9321 or email them to discuss the possibility of a Commercial or Retail account.  Mike & Jennice can sponsor accounts from businesses anywhere in the United States and Canada.
2. Mike & Jennice will discuss your questions via phone or email, explain the advantages of AMSOIL and its business accounts, and begin the application process. AMSOIL INC. provides an EZ online application that we use to quicken the application process.
3. Upon approval of your Account by AMSOIL INC., you will be able to order products by yourself using either the AMSOIL's Commercial Account Zone or the AMSOIL's Retail Account Zone on the amsoil.com website or by phone. We will teach you how to do this upon AMSOIL's approval of your Account.


Advantages & Disadvantages Of AMSOIL Credit

Approval of a business account from AMSOIL is fairly brief, but it does take a week or more longer, if you are applying for credit as well. In the credit approval process, substantial weight is given to trade credit, which takes some time to check out.

IT IS NOT Mandatory to apply for AMSOIL credit. It is optional. If you don't want or need it, that's OK.

The advantage of an AMSOIL credit line is that it let's you buy products and pay within 30 days. So it is convenient.

This downside, however, is that too many approved credit lines, even if unused, or too much outstanding short time debt from credit relationships, can reflect unfavorably upon your company's financial strength in the eyes of lenders, bankers and investors.

But the choice to apply for or not apply for credit is up to you.

Mike and Jennice would love to discuss these possibilities with you and answer your questions. Since we operate a national network, we are skilled in providing excellent customer service to people anywhere. Distance is not an issue.

AMSOIL INC. has provided its Dealers with excellent Internet and e-commerce support. The AMSOIL website is a living library of company and product information.


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Mike, 1982 Arizona Motocross Novice




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Mike, 2004 North Carolina Motocross Champion


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