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What are the BENEFITS of Being a Preferred Customer (PC)?

a. Savings with wholesale prices

b. Can choose trial membership or a yearly membership (low cost!)

c. Can buy for personal use and savings

d. Can change mind to Dealership later if desired

e. Convenient Ordering Methods

f. Delivered to your Door

g. Receive a Kit and the corporate magazine

h. More than just AMSOIL's quality products available: Mothers' etc.

i. Get real value by having our consulting services and communications



Pre-registration Actions Recommended for ease of registration and ordering.

How to become a PC ONLINE

1. Click HERE to go to the AMSOIL Online Store.

2. Click on the "Preferred Customers SAVE" in the middle of the left column.

3. Choose whether you want renewable 1-year membership ($20) or a trial 6-month membership ($10).

4. Click "Add to Cart."

5.  You will get a "Thank You" page and instructions if you desire to order products at this time. You have 20 minutes to complete your registration. If you have done the Pre- Registration     Action above, just click on the categories at the left for the products you desire. Each one you choose from the "drop-down" lists will be added to your cart. When finished, click "Checkout."

6. If you desire to ONLY register as a Preferred Customer at this time, click on "Checkout."

7. You will see your Total amount. Click "Continue."

8. Enter your name, email and password to "Create Your (PC) Account" with AMSOIL Corporate.

9. Proceed to complete mailing/shipping address and payment method. Submit and you are registered - and possibly have quality cost-effective AMSOIL products arriving at your door soon!

10. Set back and have Peace of Mind. You have just joined the happy ranks of thousands of Satisfied and Highly Valued AMSOIL Preferred Customers!



To Become a Preferred Customer BY MAIL in the United States or Puerto Rico, Click Here.

Should you prefer not to insert your personal information on a computer, you can register with a paper application and mail it to AMSOIL INC.

Download a copy of the Dealer/Preferred Customer form (United States version).  -- Fill out sections pertaining to becoming a Preferred Customer only (not the Dealer section).

Please mail your application to Registration Department, Att: New Preferred Customer Applications, AMSOIL INC., 2206 Winter Street, Superior, WI, 54880.

Enclose your check or credit card payment information.

If you have questions, please call us at (256) 479-9321 or email us today.

ORTo Become a Preferred Customer BY MAIL in Canada, Click Here.

Simply download the Canadian application and include our name and customer number (1551768) on the form. Then follow the instructions above.



How to become a PC BY PHONE

Call 1-800-777-7094. Be sure to give our name or our ID number 1551768 when asked by the operator for a "referral number," a "ZO number" or a "customer number."

Your Preferred Customer status will be finalized over the phone and your initial order will be shipped immediately.


Wavering between PC and possible Dealership?

There is only a ten-dollar difference between the annual fee of a Dealer ($30) and the annual fee of a Preferred Customer ($20).

A Dealer and a Preferred Customer buy products at the same wholesale prices.

A Dealer has a Business Opportunity; a Preferred Customer does not.

A Dealer can develop a network of active buying units. These buying units can consist of:

1. Business Partners (other Dealers) who operate and develop their own teams

2. Online buyers through their individual web site

3. Commercial companies who will save money on operating costs

4. Retail stores that make money on retail sales

5. Customers - retail and wholesale

Click HERE to see how a Dealer can build his own profitable AMSOIL business.

If you do not plan to resell AMSOIL products and operate an AMSOIL dealership as a business, it is better for you to become a Preferred Customer. You get the benefits of buying wholesale but none of the responsibilities and commitment of being an AMSOIL Dealer.

Then, should you see the income opportunity later on for your own home based AMSOIL business, you can reclassify as a Dealer at that time.

The decision is yours whether you want a Dealership business or just want the products for your personal use at wholesale prices.


Not Sure you would be buying $100 worth AMSOIL yearly?

a. Buy Retail through Factory Direct Catalog. We can mail this to you. Email us with your request.

b. Use E-Catalog now, Click here to view this catalog and conveniently order from it.



Mike - 1982 Arizona Motocross Novice

Mike, 1982 Arizona Motocross Novice




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Mike - 2004 North Carolina Motocross Champion

Mike, 2004 North Carolina Motocross Champion


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