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Welcome and thank you for stopping by Ethical Business Connections.  We at Ethical Business Connections would like to show you how you too can enjoy endless possibilities with AMSOIL products and a true appreciation for how these products can enhance your vehicle performance and protect your equipment for longer periods of time.  Longer drain intervals allow you to contribute to the cleanliness of the environment by reducing waste oil products.  With Ethical Business Connections, you get true human being interaction; our primary mission is to inform you of the benefits of using AMSOIL synthetic oils and lubricants over petroleum lubricants.


We are also members of The Alquist Advantage Network which brings over 30 years of experience to meet your needs.  We believe these products sell themselves, we just happen to be the national dealers who can educate you and provide these oils and lubricants to you at a reduced cost.  By becoming a preferred customer of ours you can enjoy the benefits of AMSOIL synthetic oils and lubricants at wholesale prices, delivered right to your door.  Whether it is for your personal use as a consumer in your vehicles, or you would like to become a dealer and operate your own small business and work from home, the possibilities are endless and Ethical Business Connections can show you how.


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-- Longer drain intervals (less oil changes) up to 25,000+ miles possible....

-- Save time and money....

-- Available for everything that has moving parts....

-- We will give you FREE consultations by phone....

-- Preferred Customers and Commercial accounts welcomed. Buy at wholesale and save even more!....

-- Retail accounts upon qualification, some restrictions apply....

-- Dealership opportunities available, less than $100 investment to get started!


It was first…it is the best…proven…bottom line.

It was created with honor and integrity and we certainly stand behind those qualities. We would not put our name to something we did not believe in.



"A person who likes, knows about, and appreciates a usually fervently pursued interest or activity."


Whether on the battlefield as a United States Marine, a Realtor in the fast paced real estate arena, or a racer on the motocross tracks of America, we have relied on having the best equipment possible to finish the job. Our personal life is no different; we use AMSOIL in ALL of our vehicles, to include our Harley Davidson motorcycle.

Any champion will tell you the best ways to succeed are through belief, determination, smart decisions with time and money, having good people around you, and the best possible products for both vehicle and body. In the sport of motocross, Mike specializes in assisting young racers achieve their dreams by personally sponsoring them with quality products at as little cost as possible. Mike is also an inspirational mentor and believes in personal involvement with anyone he sponsors.

We believe everyone has the ability to be victorious, we believe we can share a phenomenal opportunity with you that can make you a champion in your life.  Let us show you how. If the mind can conceive it, and you can believe it, then you can achieve it.

With all the honor and integrity we have given to corporate America in real estate and the United States Marine Corps, Ethical Business Connections brings these products and business opportunity to you. We truly believe that AMSOIL can make a difference in your life….you deserve the absolute best.

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Mike - 1982 Arizona Motocross Novice

Mike, 1982 Arizona Motocross Novice




Dream, Believe, Achieve.

Mike - 2004 North Carolina Motocross Champion

Mike, 2004 North Carolina Motocross Champion


Proud Member of The Alquist Advantage Network of AMSOIL Dealers.